Our Story

The Szentendre Sleepwalkers Baseball Club is one of the oldest and most successful baseball clubs in Hungary. At our baseball fields in Szentendre and Vác we welcome both Hungarian and foreign teams. The aim of our club is to build the stronghold of Hungarian baseball in the Danube Bend. Besides regular baseball practice we provide opportunities to our player in all agegroups to participate in competitions in Hungary and abroad.  We prepare our athletes with great expertise, at both recreational sports and competitive athletic levels.

Teams and our field

Baseball is enjoying increasing popularity in Hungary. Our membership has steadily grown in recent years. Currently we have over 60 registered players. We are proud to compete with five teams: three teams in youth age groups (U10, U12, U15) and two adult teams participating in domestic championships and international tournaments. Every year, more and more of our players are invited to play in  national selection and all-star teams.

The Szentendre Sleepwalkers Baseball Club has the oldest, full-size baseball field in Hungary. The field is part of the Izbég (a district of Szentendre) Sports Complex, located in a beautiful environment next to the Bükkös Creek. On this field both adult and youth ballgames can be organized. We have a second field on the other side of the Danube in Vác. This is a regular sized field for Little League games, where we also run practices and play games of our youth teams.


As a baseball team, we are dedicated to expanding our international connections and would love to invite other teams to Hungary, as well as participate in tournaments and events all over Europe and also overseas in the future. This allows us to exchange experiences and playing styles with other teams, strengthening the development of the sport and our cultural connections.

By inviting teams to Hungary, we create opportunities for the international baseball community to discover our country and experience Hungarian baseball culture. Additionally, we offer Hungarian players the chance to compete against strong opponents from different countries.

Participating in foreign tournaments enables us to compete and learn from the best teams of other nations. This creates an inspiring and growth-promoting environment for us, as well as an opportunity to showcase Hungarian baseball and our players on the international stage.
These strong international connections bring benefits not only in the realm of sports but also foster cultural and friendly ties with other teams and players. This supportive community helps in the growth of the sport and strengthens the sense of unity in the world of baseball.

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